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Discover Luxury at its Finest in the Heart of NYC's Financial District - Welcome to MrGoods.com! We are your ultimate destination for buying and selling authentic luxury items in New York City. Immerse yourself in a world of sophistication as you explore our exquisite collection of watches, handbags, electronics, sneakers, and collectibles. With our prime location in the bustling Financial District, our experienced team ensures the utmost authenticity and value for every transaction. Trustworthy, reliable, and with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, MrGoods.com is your trusted partner for all your luxury needs. Explore our exceptional offerings and elevate your style today

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Customer Testimonials:


Benjamin Johnson

I had a fantastic experience selling my Gucci handbag to Mr. Goods. They offered me great money for it, and the process was smooth and professional. Highly recommend!


Emily Parker

I had an outstanding experience purchasing a Chanel handbag from Mr. Goods. Not only did they have a remarkable selection, but their pricing was incredibly fair. The staff was knowledgeable and provided excellent customer service throughout the entire process. When I decided to sell the handbag later on, Mr. Goods offered me a great price, further solidifying their integrity and commitment to their customers. Highly recommend their services!


Michael Thompson

Selling my exquisite Louis Vuitton shoes to Mr. Goods was an absolute delight. Their exceptional offer surpassed my expectations, leaving me thrilled with the outcome. The entire process was a seamless experience, thanks to their knowledgeable and friendly staff. Their expertise in authenticating luxury items instilled confidence, while the smooth transaction showcased their professionalism. For anyone seeking exceptional compensation and a top-notch selling experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Goods.

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